About Me

My Surf Coast Life

Shaka! My name is Susie Seale, and I am lucky as anything to live in Torquay – Gateway to the Great Ocean Road – on the Surf Coast of Victoria, Australia.

My Surf Coast Life shares the inside scoop and the very best of Surf Coast everything from Torquay to Lorne, The Otways, Bellarine Peninsula, and a little beyond.

In my spare time, and dreams, I love to pore over stories about real people who have had the intestinal fortitude and the courage of their convictions to change their lives by doing remarkable things.

Selling all my worldly goods to relocate to the Amazon to hang with the shamans, forevermore living on root vegetables and sipping ayahuasca, circumnavigating the globe on a monocycle, or fitting up to scale Chomolungma with Nepalese-only speaking sherpas – all that has a certain appeal. And maybe one day…

My Surf Coast Life change is a big enough out-of-character adventure for me – a move from the big smoke of metropolitan Melbourne to Torquay on the Surf Coast, much to the consternation and shock‑horror of family and friends that, “It’s just so far away. What on earth would you want to do THAT for? There’s nothing much going on down there.”

Well, you lot! My Surf Coast Life answers those questions with Bells Beach on. Here I share my most secret and not-so-secret finds, wild and wonderful things to do, places to eat, drink, and to play.

I hope you enjoy what’s going on in My Surf Coast Life. Everything and everywhere has been tried and tested by me, alone or together with an eclectic mix of some pretty crazy family members, and friends, ranging in age from zero to close on 100. So, I hope like mad you’ll find something out of the box for everyone in your tribe. There’s plenty to enjoy on your lonesome, too, if you’re needing peace and space, and a bit of personal restoration, and a little or a lot of time away from it all.

There are no nasty reviews here, as I have yet to discover anything about the Surf Coast that’s not to love. And just in case you’re thinking it – no endorsements, complimentary lattes, or under-the-counter hush money has changed hands. I’ve reviewed only places and things to do that I absolutely love.

I have a feeling my friends and family may be on the verge of gluing my lips together by now when they hear me banging on incessantly about what an amazing place the Surf Coast is. I’m sure more often than not they wish they’d stopped themselves short before asking, “What have you been up to this week, Soosh?” So I’ve decided to share My Surf Coast Life and my love of all things here, here.

Surf Coast Life is a work in progress. So, if you by chance stumble across anywhere or anything stupendous, or out of the ordinary, before I do, and want the world to know, I’d love to hear from you.

My professional life has been as a court and parliamentary reporter; and currently, freelance live television broadcast, news and current affairs – mostly bad and sad news stuff. But you’ll find none of that here. Time now for some Surf Coast happy bulletin sharing…