Bellbrae Estate Wines


Had ‘that crazy feeling’ first foot over the Bellbrae Estate threshold. From that rare angel side of Lou and The Velvet Underground’s Sunday Morning greeting to the sun-shiny counter welcome – good vibrations from the get-go. If you’re looking for soul food and a place to eat – and taste test some top-notch local vino in the mix – Bellbrae Estate Wines and Café won’t disappoint.

The cauliflower and blue cheese soup was a light and luscious smash. Longboard Pinot Gris was the suggested accompaniment. Big Brother went the Bird Rock Pinot Noir. Both excellent. If a Sav Blanc is more your bent, the Southside Sauvignon is up-there shiny and bright.

This winery is deserving of its Halliday Top 5 Star rating, and you’ll find a good selection of wines ticking the 93 category. Naturally, not everything the chalk board here recommended was sampled first time around. A good excuse for a not-far-off planned revisit with family and friends for a little more show-and-tell.

Engaging and cheerful behind-counter team; well informed about the provincial delights on offer – great mix of cheeses – local, or not too far from it – patés, terrines, condiments, kimchi, coffee, and a plethora of take‑home treasures. Menu is a compliment to the tasting experience – Surf Coast and country cool, fresh, light –  and Sunday Morning just-right.

Spotless-clean; comfortable inside-and-out seating; tables atop with Surf Coast flora. Love that. And the soundtrack…

Fifteen or so minutes from Torquay. Five minutes from Bells Beach. If the mood strikes, take a walk on the wild side post visit.

Watch out the world’s behind you… Lou Reed

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