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Not So Blinded by the Light…

MSCL talks “We want a make-over” and seeks advice on interior design from the experts at 3228 Blinds – Torquay

I never saw an ugly thing in my life; for let the form of an object be what it may – light, shade and perspective will always make it beautiful. — John Constable

MSCL talks beautiful things, light and shade – inside and out, and other things in between – with the beautiful Seba Brancatisano and her very handsome brother, Phil.

We have a dear friend in Melbourne with the most heavenly dressed windows and walls. Her dining room is clothed in carnelian red, and the curtains and blinds in this quaint and beautiful little sal à manger are as French as anything – yes, lolly-pop red vertical striped.

The point? The room evokes an atmosphere of happy nostalgia, brings to mind memories of beautiful places, and people – and, of course, food. Now if our dearest friend had shared with us her renovating and redecorating plans for this little dining room, we would most probably have amped up with the not-so-sound advice – as it turns out now – with “Ew…You can’t do THAT!” You know who you are!

After its refurnishing and window dress-ups, this once under-dressed little dining area was stunningly transformed – alive with magic, and fantasy – into a Baz Luhrmann Moulin Rouge understudy set of sorts, creating an atmosphere to rival that of the eating halls of the Loire Valley’s Château de Chenonceau.

So we discover that a room well dressed can lift a mood, create an ambiance where there may never have been one, and just make us feel – well, better somehow.

Seb and her brother Phil know all this, of course. What can’t the Italians do? Food, wine, design, fashion, fabric. Oh, and love – and argue! But argue in a good way, of course. We say this because our grandmother – who was French – argued the point that it is the French who are the best at everything, and not the Italians.

But MSCL & Love All Things Italian Crazies are at cross purposes with cranky old French ladies. We’re of the mind that the French and the Italians came to earth aboard the same bellissima shooting ètoile – and we’ll leave it at that.

The Brancatisano family has been at the forefront of styling, beautifying and blinding Surf Coast homes for over six years now, and really know their stuff – inside and out. We know this for a fact, as we’ve been on the hunt for window dressing with a difference in our dreams for some time now.

It’s a case of what to update first – furniture or drapery? And on this, we remember our mother in a fit of French fancy taking a dive into the interior design foray of our former family home with a vengeance, and the boss of the outfit presenting the ultimatum “Furniture? Or curtains and drapes?” The answer? “I’ll take the curtains, drapes, blinds and louvres, thank you very much.” You can pretty much do anything without furniture – eat, drink, sleep – and lots of other things – was my mother’s reasoning. But a home under-dressed and under-draped? Well, that’s just ridiculous; and anathema to her sensibilities.

So many pictures come to mind, of stories that would be plain forgettable without floaty curtains and windows shuttered. Peter Pan and Wendy flew the coop through a nursery window laced with pretty fly-about airborne linen; there would be no real Room with a View; Heathcliff’s mournful gaze, and Cathy’s “It’s me. I’ve come home…” to shutters clashing in the wind – just wouldn’t work without them.

Windows – like doors – are a love of ours. We watch and wait at windows. Doors are a synonymous with comings and goings, hellos and goodbyes. Love the feeling of anticipation, standing on the doorstep of the house of a friend – under an awning – waiting for the door to open. And properly dressed windows, too, allow us to control our environment to some degree. They protect and shield us; and collaborate with the elements to enhance feelings of at-homeness, comfort, intimacy – and romance.

It’s no easy task to decide what works best and where and why, all things considered. But Seb and Phil are the experts around these parts, and have been an integral part in the interior design of some pretty divine real estate in and about the Surf Coast – and further afield into Geelong and Melbourne. Pretty much covers it…

Custom window coverings, plantation shutters, villa Romans, timber Venetians, thermal curtains, sheer curtains, block-out curtains, panel track blinds, motorisation, traditional awnings, folding arm awnings and ZipScreen.

We’re off now – to pull the drapes, and to let the sun shine in…

Beautiful pictorial curtesy 3228 Blinds

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