Four Best Playgrounds In Torquay

‘She’s just a skater girl…’


Off the Surf Coast Highway, and a mighty fun place you may easily miss, if you haven’t already heard about it.

You don’t need ball-bearings to have a rip curl of a time here. From tiny to teen, big and bigger, Djila Tjarri – pronounced ‘jilla jarry’, the Wathaurong word for ‘play’ – is ‘the bomb’, ‘off-tap’ and ‘just the coolest’, according to the little groms in my universe.

There’s a rock-climbing wall, spider swing, lots of interactive stuff going on, and an abundance of sand under foot to catch the little rockets if they take a tumble. The skate bowl is mighty impressive, and a great place to check out some pretty intense and hard-core skating.

The littlies pretty much have the run of the middle bit. It’s a straight-through attack, with cleverly designed undulation for just the right amount of buzz and dare. Ideal for scooters and blades, and boards, of course. The area is well shaded and lends itself to a long stay. A warning here, as from experience, it’s no mean feat coaxing the skaters and boardies back to the car if you plan to leave in a hurry.

Lots of rope-climbing Spider-Man-type play equipment and a spacey little blue bubble slide. Don’t forget bucket and spade.

A family affair, if you can tempt the crew to slow up and eat. BBQ and picnic friendly. Check out the Torquay Famers Market a minute up the road on Saturday mornings from 8:30am – 1:00pm. That’s lunch sorted!

Cafes, bakery, new Woolworths – and billabong – a kangaroo hop at the end of Merrijig Drive.

I’d be packing the Band-Aids and arnica cream in the unfortunate event someone comes a cropper. But ‘mothers are so embarrassingly lame’!

WHITES BEACH PLAYGROUND – The Esplanade, opposite Lochard Drive, TORQUAY

‘Lest we forget’ – as you may just hear the ghostly hooves of the Light Horse here…

Wondering what to do with that little turtle fan? Whites Beach Playground is definitely in ‘the all good things come in small packages’ category.

A hop, skip and a turtle ramble to Whites Beach. Away from the main shopping and café beat. If you’ve forgotten the picnic, no need to head into town. Stock up at the Loch Ard Drive Café & Convenience old-style milk bar (directly opposite parking here; can’t miss it). They open at 7:00am and close about 6:00pm, and whip up fresh and fabulous made-to-order rolls and sandwiches, coffee and some hot things. Coffee available until mid‑afternoon.

Whites Beach playground is equipped with undercover gas BBQs, and picnic tables, and you’ll find some fun stuff to play on and to talk about. Interesting local indigenous and Dreamtime art and folklore is displayed on ceramic plaques and driftwood stumps. Do have a swing on the flying fox. Yes, it’s strong enough for grown-ups, too, and the all-sand-below safety net is a comfort.

Lots of wide-open space annexes this playground for a kick of the Sherrin or that long‑awaited kite launch. Dogs on leash welcome. Whites Beach is THE Torquay dog beach, if Rover feels like a romp after hunting turtles, too.

In 1940 the four Light Horse Regiments (4th, 8th, 13th and 20th), 5000 Light Horse and 2000 horses, camped and trained at this site.

PIRATE PARK PLAYGROUND – Between Fischer Street and Anchor Parade, TORQUAY

Ahoy, me hearties!

It’s never too early to start brushing up on the high-seas lingo for International Talk Like a Pirate Day each and every September 19.  Bring your little ­– and big –  pirates here to find their land legs for a bit. This treasure-boat playground is nestled between Fischer Street and Anchor Parade – of course! – in North Torquay. Pirate party paradise.

Lots to explore; interactive pirate ship fun. Patch up and grab some fish bites, fresh-caught local flathead tails. Plunder and pillage IGA, Gilbert Street – Ravens Creek bangers and Zealy Bay sourdough – Tony’s Farm Fresh Foods, Gilbert Street (but you do have to pay) – and the world’s your oyster.

The playground is geared for 8‑and-unders, but there’s a slam-dunk hoop for older ones. The beach is a not-too-far-away walk for the biggies. If that doesn’t appeal, take a 10-minute stroll down Fischer Street, and grab a blue heaven milkshake and a bag of mixed lollies from the Loch Ard Drive Café & Convenience Store.

Bring bikes, scooters and skating paraphernalia, as there’s a neat little cycle, skate and scooter track that circumnavigates the play‑and‑eat area. Rover is welcome here, too. Head to the front beach foreshore post pirate play to view the anchor and hull of the Canadian cargo ship Joseph H Scammell shipwrecked at Point Danger in 1891.


Now, I don’t own an elephant, but if I did, this is where I’d walk it.

Torquay Foreshore Playground and Elephant Walk is the perfect spot for a BBQ or picnic, overlooking Fisherman’s Beach and yonder to the deep blue sea. You’ll witness some pretty spekky sunsets and ocean vistas from this point – and sunrises, too – if your little people are up and about early.

Elephant Walk is an adventure playground extraordinaire. Shady – sunny spots, too, if you like it that way – safe and designed to stimulate the imagination of every little adventurer. Play pirates, shipwrecks, pretend collect the giant sea shells and starfish.

Beach is a short walk away. Bring the bucket and spade, bikes and scooters, if your little explorers are feeling like a ride up the Esplanade, or a leisurely promenade. You’ll find the masthead and anchor of the shipwrecked Scammell and more swings, slides and thrills aplenty along the way.

Café Moby is just over the road and down a bit, if you’re into the progressive play thing but feel like some respite, coffee and wholesome local munchies.

This playground has a Liberty Swing for children in wheelchairs. Keys available at Torquay Visitor Information Centre – $3 for visitors.

Torquay Visitor Information Centre
Surf Coast Plaza, 77 Beach Road, Torquay
Phone 1300 614 219 and (03) 5261 4219

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