Great Ocean Road Wholefoods Herbal Pharmacy & Wellness Hub

Great Ocean Road Wholefoods Herbal Pharmacy & Wellness Hub – 3/11 Inverlochy Street, Anglesea

The part can never be well unless the whole is well. – Plato

There’s nothing and nowhere about the Surf Coast quite like GORW; its acronym is a one-off, too. We’re always wanting to transpose the higgeldy-piggedly to read GROW, as we somehow feel 10 feet taller after every visit.

Great Ocean Road Wholefoods is a virtual apothecary of alchemy. The first day MSCL and team of health happy hippies popped by – the first of many, many more since GORW’s doors first opened on the Surf Coast – we were welcomed with a piping hot muglet of golden coconut milk of the liver wellness variety, laced with tumeric, chicory, dandelion and ginger; a signature blend brew available for purchase, packaged in little brown glass pots with handwritten labels. There’s more often than not a Tea of the Day to sample, too.

GORW mix, blend, bottle, pot and brown-paper bag up all sorts of deliciousness, and magic lotions and potions.

Look out for the chemical-free washing powders, liquids, detergents and soaps. You’ll find most everything healthy and happy in here.

The selection of local native flora swaddled in brown paper at the counter is hard to pass up on leaving. So, too, the healing crystals, jewelry and chocolates.

This is a feel-good fix that lasts. And if GORW don’t have it, the obliging team front of counter will do their best to make it up for you, and pretty much on the spot. MSCL and crew were on the hunt for arnica cream for a little person with a big little person bruise. When it could not be located on the shelves, one of the resident naturopaths very kindly mixed up a purpose-built concoction of arnica, St John’s Wort and an instantly healing cocktail of unsightly bruise be-gone herbs, on the spot.

The bath salts and soaks are just heavenly – and acceptably addictive. Again, a special recipe was custom-made to order in minutes. Who knew bath salts could help ease every winter ill under the nonexistent August sun? And there’s quite a collection to choose from, and something for almost everyone – detox, pregnancy, stress relief, relaxation, and pure and simple feel-fantastic indulgence. Recommend the Da Moonstone Soak of magnesium, pink and Celtic salts saturated in oils of ylang ylang, patchouli, clary sage, rosewood, moonstone crystal essence and blue mallow flowers – the stuff mid-summer nights’ dreams are made of.

The body and essential oils are a mix of local and in-house produced. There’s also a great selection of mother-to-be, post pregnancy, baby and infant bath and body care; unique gift ideas, too. The handmade ceramic keep cups with one-of-a-kind glazing are just too gorgeous for anything.

Buy bulk and save on dried fruits, flours, seeds, grains, honey – and yep, even pomegranate powder – it’s all here. Bring your own jars for refills, although there are jars available for purchase for the likes of tahini, honey and other gooey stuff. And on that, everything in here is tarred with the eco warrior brush and produced, stocked and supplied with a deep love for the environment, and in the sincere hope for a sustainable future.

The fresh local baked bread is a treat worth driving the length of the Great Ocean Road. The pumpkin sourdough is seriously every pumpkin lover’s pumpkin-y thing.

Check GORW’s frozen food offerings. There’s an enticing array of gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan delicacies, and yum ice-cream and other goodies.

Smack on bang next door is McGain’s Nursery, Cafe and Food Store, one of the best little lunch, morning and afternoon tea spots on the Surf Coast.

GORW is just the most exciting-est thing to happen on the healthfood and all things wellness front ever! Everyone smiles in here; the service is every bit as good as the wares on offer; staff really know their stuff – well, of course they do – they are naturopaths, after all.

Madly in love with Great Ocean Road Wholefoods Herbal Pharmacy & Wellness Hub. Such an enterprising venture. So much hard work, passion and love has gone into GORW. Yep, the secret’s out – as MSCL has been watching and waiting from afar for the opening of this one.

The GORW team deserve all the very best goodness, abundance and healthy, happy Surf Coast magic floating about the Great Ocean Road – and beyond…

This one’s EPIC!

Great Ocean Road Wholefoods

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