Kiitos Living by Design – Torquay & Barwon Heads

KIITOS LIVING BY DESIGN – 30 Bell Street, TORQUAY & Shop 2, 5-7 Bridge Road, BARWON HEADS

Two of the best design and artisan clothing boutiques – Torquay & Barwon Heads…

Creativity is contagious. Pass it on… Albert Einstein.

Opa! And ‘Thank you very much’ in Finnish. Kiitos is a treat in store. More than your average homeware, design and gift shop.

There’s a fabulous selection of linen garb on offer here. Sourced from Greece, this stuff gives the Irish a run for their money. Nothing comes close to the Kiitos neutrals – smock‑shirts, sundresses, best-ever cargo baggies, and on it goes. If you’re more into colouring up your summer style, Marimekko is in good supply. Funky sunnies, foot gear, clogs, and Jelly Beans.

Love all the wooded stuff and kitchen gadgets and gizmos. Favourite thing from Kiitos is my raw‑timber Danish desk lamp. Hard to leave empty-handed. Oh, and great selection of ‘not the usual suspects’ in the man-gift universe.

The Hans Bølling Architect Made ducks and Vedel bird range – kookily beautiful. Is there nothing Danish that isn’t? Yes, I’m on board the loving all things Danish crew, too. You’ll find lots of the stuff inside the Kiitos caves.

Don’t miss the handmade Greek jewellery on display, Turkish towels and super fun nick-nacks for the littlies. The AREAWARE Cubebot has never failed as a whacky pressie for the kid who loves to fiddle – with just about everything. More fun, in my book, than a Rubik’s Cube, and way funkier. There’s tons of mad kitchen gadgets, too – salt cellars and cheese and antipasto boards. The daschund-shaped ones are a hoot.

Great selection of totes, knapsacks, beach accessories, including Basils Bang Beach Umbrellas. Aesop body care goodies in plentiful supply, too. The Menu Salt & Pepper Bottle Grinders have been on my wish list for a while now. These stylish magic mills grind spices, too, when they’re turned upside down. It’s all Greek to me. And I just love all of it.

Kiitos is mostly a family affair. You’ll be attended to like a long lost and happy to be unearthed member of the family. Gift-wrapping is Vogue stylish. Never have to ask, “Could you please…?” It’s all part of the fun, chat and service. Beautiful people, beautiful shopping experience, and best-ever, “Oh, I absolutely LOVE it! Where on earth did you find IT?” response at present‑giving unveilings.

Only bad here is that Kiitos closes over the winter months in Torquay. You’ll have to saddle up your donkey and head to the Barwon Heads store in the wet season. Someone has to tough it out, and make the annual pilgrimage to the Greek Isles, I guess, to do the buying for the unstoppable Torquay-Surf Coast summer fun fest.

Yassou till next time, Kiitos…

Kiitos Living by Design

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