La Dolce Vita – Gilbert Street – Torquay

LA DOLCE VITA – 2D Gilbert Street – TORQUAY

Not only is La Dolce Vita the unofficial Surf Coast anthem, it’s also top of the pops on Torquay’s let‑them-eat-cake list – and the BEST cake at that.

The trifecta here is coffee, cake and gelati. Every morning, just as the sun is rising over that third wave, proprietors, Joe and Karen Centorbi, head to Trivelli’s in Melbourne – a 51-year-old Coburg institution – to collect the cake catch of the day here. And, what a catch!

If you like the pastries and cakes at La Dolce Vita, do do seconds, and taste test the gelati here. Glad tidings in that a second Bottega de Gelato gelati wagon is imminent, so look out for more bellisima to tempt in summer.

Sit, stay, succumb – and you WILL want to take something away.  ‘When in Rome…’ and all that. Try the Nutella teardrops, pistachio baby biscotti, chocolate beignets, and rum baba.

La Dolce Vita take orders for special occasion cakes. You won’t find anything like these babies on the Surf Coast, believe me. I had to fend off the local paparazzi twice after collecting the Tiffany and Chanel numbers ordered for recent family birthday festivities. These works of art dazzle the eye, taste simply bellisima, and have to be seen to be believed. We took the Tiffany to Basils Farm and the Chanel to A La Grecque. On both occasions, as each masterpiece was brought to the table, candles ablaze, we were swamped with strangers and fellow patrons, asking could they please take a photograph, and, “Where in heaven’s name did you find a cake like THAT? Amazing!”

Ask to check out the cakes made to order folio. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Say the word, and abracadabra, La Dolce Vita will find a way to make it happen. There’s an exquisite selection of on-the-smaller-side birthday and celebratory cakes on display for immediate and impromptu consumption, too. We love tiny birthday cakes – for a multitudinous number of reasons! And the selection here is perfect for a small affair.

This fun and friendly family run cake and coffee haven has a loved-up baby Brunetti’s of Melbourne feel. The Amici coffee here is my pick of the beans in Torquay, and Joe is barista par excellence.

More happy news is that this little beauty has a newly acquired liquor licence. “Let them eat cake” indeed – with bubbles, Galliano, espresso – whatever takes your fancy. There’s a good supply of Italian soft drink sparkle available, too.

A tiny slice of the Amalfi Coast hits the Surf Coast. Now, that’s amore!

Over summer La Dolce Vita will remain open until 9pm on Friday and Saturday nights.

La Dolce Vita

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