Nothing Ugly to See Here – Ugli Sista – Torquay & Geelong

Beauty’s in the Eye of the Beholder – Ugli Sista – TORQUAY & GEELONG

Those who find ugly meanings in beautiful things are corrupt without being charming. That is a fault. — Oscar Wilde

It’s just not nice manners to want everything you see. Our mother told us that. Well, hang it. There’s absolutely nothing we don’t want at Ugli Sista.

The girls in here are great fun. There’s no supercilious, cheerless, robotic “Can I help you?” (yawn) “Are you looking for anything in particular?” (yawn) bunkum at Ugli Sista. Or anywhere here, for that matter. So not sure why we’re even saying that – possibly spent too many years in the wrong shops on the wrong days in the city us. But yes, you can actually, and maybe – help us, that is – to find a way to miraculously whittle down our post-Christmas New Year credit card overload so that we can discover a way to buy more of your gorgeous ugli stuff, Ugli Sista.

Seriously, there’s not a lot to say here about Ugli Sista. But there’s certainly a LOT to see – as it’s a see-me, try-on-me, I-want-it-now sort of experience. You just have to get yourself in here to see what we’re on about.

There are some super cool brands to poke about, and the stock turns rapidly. Not so sure that’s such a good thing where we’re concerned. But you’ll find…and more –


Bianco and Mavi jeans

Takoda watches – And other gorgeous bingles and bangles

Hammill & Co

Ugli Sista covers the lot – Shoes, hats, accessories, gifts, and gift vouchers. Anyone…?

3/13 Pearl Street – TORQUAY

Shop 1, 344 Pakington Street – GEELONG

Ugli Sista

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