Olè Mexican Fiesta – Torquay


A heads-up – or a hats-off if you’re from Tijuana…Tequila heaven in Torquay.

Arriba! Arriba! Olé Mexican Fiesta is open for biz.

Apparently I’m not the only one who’s been cruising the block like Serpico for what seems like an eternity, watching and waiting for this cactus to bloom. The imminent unveiling of Olé has had locals and not-so-locals hopping about like Mexican jumping beans since word spread that the Fisho’s boys were all over this one.

Olè is dressed up all freaky-fun, colourful, bright and buzzed-up. Local artist, Adrianne Dimitrakakis’ black-on-white hand-painted wall map of the Mexican coast and swells is a stunner.

Olé Mexican Fiesta Torquay is, inside and out, every bit a fiesta. From the Mexican mosaic tiled chimney stack to the embroidered velvet sombreros adorning the walls. There’s a beachy mañana feel from the get-go in here. The decor is just fantastic. This goes for the garden outdoor eatery, too. Sandpit play area for littlies, and lots of run-about room.

And rest assured, there’s more than the regular ‘ol guacamole and tacos on offer at Olé.

Antojitos, tostadas, ceviche, adiciones, salsas, and platos grandes of pescado, quesadilla, la carne and al pollo. In Surf Coast speak, that’s lots of share plates and party platters of real-deal authentico Mexican cuisine. If you’re lucky enough to be in the know about Fisho’s in Torquay, you won’t need me to tell you that these boys know what’s what in the kitchen. And what to do with it.

MSCL did pretty much the lot here –

Totopos; house-made guacamole with pico de gallo; elotes loco – charred corn, chipolte and manchego, with lime coriander; adobo wings with crema peanuts; frijoles – braised beef, mescal chicken, pork carnita, and mushroom; tacos with blanco dressing and jalepeños, twice cooked pork belly with white onion chicharrons and roast pineapple salsa, and grilled octopus with pickles and guajillo chilli stack. Fantastic.

Even when Olé is packed and pumping – which is often over weekend dinner times – the service here is fast and furious…and hot stuff. But in a good way.

The dessert menu is off-tap, too – taco de chocolate; flan de naranja – orange and vanilla flan with a dusting of toffee, and melon and lime; maize tres formas – polenta cake with popcorn sweet-corn ice-cream.

OK, now to the serious stuff – margaritas, tequilas, beers, wines, spirits and sodas. All tequila served at Olé is 100% pure blue agave. The dark chocolate argol chilli tequila liqueur has a certain appeal. The first and last time I had a tequila tasting was here on the Surf Coast, many moons ago now. But I’m older and wiser now, and ready to give it another crack. It’s the ‘chocolate’ that had me at ‘Hola¡’… But then again, the jalapeño margarita looks interesting.

There’s a top-shelf selection of Mexican beers, and cider. The Olè Cerveca is served with a chill-salt rim. Wine list is impressively authentic, too. And there’s an organic red – Campos de Risca Monastrell-Syrah Organic. Not a vino list quite like Olé’s ‘round these parts.

All margaritas are hand-shaken. I’m not slipping the salsa on the selection on offer here. You’ll see what I mean. Fun times…

If you’re after something soft, try the Jarritos nonalcoholic cola, guava, lime, pineapple or mandarin sodas.

Looking pretty much like a book-a-cab affair for all things Olé, or a jolly walk home…

Olé Mexican Fiesta has a private party room. Bookings can be made for groups of up to 6 or more.

Guaranteed THE BEST Surf Coast Mexican Fiesta experience.

Olé do a walk-in take-away menu, too. The Olé Box has everything covered.

Olè Mexican Fiesta

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