Señors Not Mexican – Torquay

Señors Not Mexican – 17 The Esplanade – TORQUAY

The best Mexican in Torquay…

For when your happy holiday what-the-heck-to-eat etiquette goes something like this…and you just want someone other than you and your crew to decide.

HIM: “What do you/you guys feel like…to eat…for lunch/dinner?”

HER: “Oh, I don’t mind. Whatever…you feel like.”

THEM: “We don’t mind. Seriously. Whatever you guys feel like.”

HIM: “I’m easy. You choose.”

HER: “No, seriously. You choose.”

THEM: “OK. How about Mexican?”

HER: “Mmmm. We had Mexican yesterday.”

HIM: “But I thought you just said…”

HER: “Yeah, but…I’m happy to have it again, if that’s what you feel like? How about you guys?”

US: Hey, just STOP! Right there…

Get hopping, and grab yourself a table at Señors Not Mexican on Torquay’s Esplanade.

Señors has the lot – a kind of United Nations melting pot of dishes from the best-loved cuisines and country kitchens from around the globe. A little bit Vietnamese, a little bit New York, a little bit Japanese, a little bit Indian, a little bit Spanish, a little bit Italian, a little bit Korean, a little bit François. And, yes…a little bit Mexican, despite the decisive self-proclomation and rider that they are just not. And a lot of what’s become legend Surf Coast cosy, comfort fare. The mac & cheese is testament to this high acclaim.

Now try deciding on a cocktail…

The Kate Moss, Ooh La La Martini, The Walla Walla Bing Bang, Ai Ca’Rum’Ba Mojito, Señors Flower, The Papa Doble, Spiced Ginger Paloma, ‘007, The Crooked Gimlet, Me Lychee.

Be done with it and try the London Mule, if you revert to can’t-decide mode. There are many more mules for the tasting, too. The Canuck sure as heck No Country for Old Men kicks like one.

Or vino? Some top locals on offer – Stump Gully Merlot, 2013 Lethbridge Merlot, 2013 Lethbridge Shiraz, Marcus Hill Pinot Noir, Shark Point Merlot, People Madly Stomping Pinot Noir – interstate and internationals in good and regular supply, too.

Our My Surf Coast Life firm and fixed Señors favourites – tempura pumpkin; sweet potato fries are 100%-plus fantastico; mac & cheese. Hard to pass up the salt & pepper calamari; small red quinoa salad; and poached prawns with chilli, watermelon and cucumber. The Ribs and Bits and Burgers at Señors are smashing – Korean fried chicken with kimchi and sirancha; BBQ pork ribs with black bean salsa and chipotle mayo; and, coconut-braised beef ribs with watermelon salad, lemongrass and ginger. The lamb burger with oven-roasted tomatoes, garlic labneh, salsa verde, and slaw, is a right, regular little humdinger.

And don’t forget the Mexican that’s not Mexican. But it kind of is. Fish tacos are Mexican-as – ceviche delish; tofu tacos are vegetarian and vegan friendly. There’s more…and so much more to salivate, chomp, chew and chat over. Share a plate, or demolish one or two or more all by yourself. The food is consistently great here.

And, yep, still there’s more. The sound track at Señors is handpicked at random daily and is hard to ignore, as it’s cool-as. My Surf Coast Life’s Grooviest Vibes on the Surf Coast Award goes to…Señors. No question.

Decor is minimalist and easy on the eye. The outlook across The Esplanade is dreamy. Opposite Torquay’s beautiful Norfolk Pines atop the foreshore of the ever-surprising and constantly changing front beach big-sky-country and ocean vista.

High on the best service you’ll find ’round these parts list. Quite possibly THE best. The guys in here are a genuine delight, and the service is hard to fault. You’ll be sure to leave feeling all Itchycoo Park and, well – groovy. And without a doubt, well fed and watered. And just happy. Lots of smiles, good vibes and fun times behind counter in here, too. Big-time Surf Coast juju magic going down at Señors. Always…

All that’s left is to wind it it up with a choc ice-cream sandwich, and a breezy stroll along Torquay’s Elephant Walk promenade directly opposite. Now that was easy. Perfecto!

Señors Torquay

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