Social Media Savvy – Why You Need to Hook Up with Hannah

MSCL Talks High-Octane Social Media Strategies with Hannah Goodfellow

Hannah’s business – On the Decorative Fringe – was born in Geelong…

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place. — George Bernard Shaw

Drowning not waving? We talk to one clever young thing who’s got this – social media savvy. We learn that the social media picnic does not have to be an all-consuming headache-inducing labyrinth of posts, likes, follows, friends and frenzied digital exchanges designed to impress – and to trump. (Sorry about the swear word).

MSCL first met Hannah at a flat-lay photography workshop she was facilitating in Geelong. That we had so much to learn about the importance – the power and influence – of communication through imagery across all social media platforms just doesn’t cut it.

Hannah is in a league of her own when it comes to navigating the social media muddle and fuddle. Just as we get our heads around the importance of the Facebook connection, along comes Instagram and Pinterest and Twitter and Tumblr and Linkedin and…

Add to this introduction – and to confuse us all the more – we just happened to be wading – miserably – through an article titled The Top 57 Social Media Platforms Every Marketer Should Know, when it came to our attention that this weighty and tedious online tome was dated 2010. Time to give Hannah a hoy!

MSCL – So OK – Hi Hannah! Tell us what it is that you do do – before we tell you what it is we can’t. How and why On the Decorative Fringe?

HANNAH – Hi! Apart from drinking almond chais all day long, and blowing my budget on flowers, you mean? Haha!

Well, apart from that, I am a stylist and social media specialist. I primarily work with small business women – although the blokes are always welcome – to help them feel more confident in managing their styling and social media, and to get them out of what can feel like a maze.

I first began On the Decorative Fringe just as a styling blog. My goal is – and always will be – to help people. But after around 6 months of working with small businesses, getting to know their problems – and obviously growing my own – I realised that I could offer people so much more. And it seemed – from my hands-on experience – that the combination of styling and strategic social services was what biz owners not only wanted but needed.

MSCL – We know you started your business in Geelong. How difficult – or easy – was it to break into the small business arena there? There’s certainly a lot going down in G’Town. And is the challenge different for women, do you think?

HANNAH – Ahh, Geelong – my second home. I really have so much to thank Geelong for; the amazing people I met, the experience I gained; and, of course, acceptance – of not only me but also my business. It’s always tough as a small business, especially at the very beginning; but I do believe that there was no better place to have started by business. I was really welcomed with open arms. and a lot of people took a chance on me, for which I’ll be forever grateful.

It really is different for women. But it’s not always bad. I think what I enjoy most about the gender challenge is that it spurs me on to do better, and to be a better business woman. I swear women will take over the world one day, haha!

MSCL – Back on the social media bandwagon! The SM communication and marketing forum has grown exponentially since its inception. How do you keep up with it on the advisory front? It’s hard enough – and time-consuming enough – to attend to your own business needs, we’re thinking?

What sort of time do you allocate to social media in the running of your business – and for pleasure – communicating with people on a personal level – friends? 

HANNAH – It’s definitely ever-growing and changing. Most people assume that social media would be a pain to keep up with; but I really enjoy the constant learning process, and I pride myself on being productive and managing my time well. I’ve just recently posted a blog on this very topic – the title? How to be Productive as a #GirlBoss!

CLICK HERE to read How to be Productive as a #GirlBoss

For me, I’m never done with learning, because I know I need to provide my clients with the information and confidence they require. So I’m forever actively researching, and soaking up information.

When it comes to my biz, I spend around 7-8 hours a week. And I’d have to say, a very similar amount of time for my personal interactions online.

MSCL – How important do you think it is to keep abreast of our ever-changing technology? Silly question perhaps, as we think we may know the answer.

There’s a movement in some entrepreneurial disciplines that’s of the mind that if you are remarkable, you will be noticed – don’t buy into the social media fear-of-missing-out frenzy; turn off; switch off – just get your face out there. Create an unforgettable human and real-life impression, and the world’s your oyster? All good and well if the geography is in your favour?

HANNAH – We are living in a world now where social media is a HUGE means of connection. And as a business owner, not having a good understanding of how major networks work, what they do for your brand and how they connect you with people who want to put the dollars in your pocket is such a waste.

But I think often what is holding people back is the comparison factor. They believe they aren’t as good as the next person, don’t have as many followers, aren’t as confident speaking, or don’t have as much experience as the next person.

These are common thoughts and fears all my clients have when they first reach out. But in reality, the only thing stopping them from being remarkable is them. People think there is this untapped secret to social media. They get bogged down in numbers on a screen, and forget that what makes someone successful and remarkable, what actually ‘gets’ to the place of the people you’ve been envying is providing value and connection.

MSCL – What’s your favourite social media platform, and why? 

HANNAH – Oooh! This is the toughest question so far. Lately I’ve been branching my own brand out into Pinterest, which I’m really enjoying.

Follow me on Instagam

But my fav still remains Instagram. It’s where my gang is  – my clients – and where I see the majority of my engagement. It’s where I’ve connected with amazing people from all over the world who understand my journey and my passions.

MSCL – What’s your take on all the little video clips, Boomerangs and moving pictures on Facebook and Instagram? Seem to be bombing the scene. We’re a bit unsure. So much of it smacks of narcissism – unintentional perhaps. 

And on that, what’s your take on the concern of many mental health professionals that social media is in part responsible for the meteoric rise in narcissistic and hedonistic behaviour? Scary stuff.  

HANNAH –  I’m turning 25 this year – and people tell me that’s still young – but I’m really pretty much such a kid, and I celebrate anything silly and joyful. When it comes to things like Boomerangs, GIF – and even selfies, for a personal or business account – those clips always bring a smile from ear to ear. So much of what I try and teach people is how to communicate in a way that is unique to them, and not to try to be anyone else. I always love that saying – “People shop with people they know, like and trust.” And I believe sharing more of your personal story through imagery is the perfect way to build a successful social presence.

I do see how social media has impacted this type of behaviour, however. People who choose to be on social media need to take some level of accountability and responsibility for what it includes. But I always like to mention to people that social media is people’s highlight reel; they are showing you the best parts of their life and/or business – they’re not showing you the bad times, which is why I love educating people on what’s behind the real truth to social media success.

MSCL – We’ll lighten up a bit now! What did you love most about living Geelong?

HANNAH – My favourite part about living in G’Town was definitely Pako. I lived a short walk away, and the creative community buzz in that street was just the best!

MSCL – Favourite question – and we ask everybody this: What are you listening to right now? And reading? And watching?

HANNAH – I’m not afraid to say it! When I work, I listen to Shania Twain. Always! She gets me through the toughest days. Currently re-reading The Barefoot Investor – and if you haven’t checked this one out, it’s a must for budgeting and saving. I just finishing watching a series on Netflix called Fargo – very violent haha and #whoops! But it’s just my kind of show – and very addictive.

MSCL – How do you wind down; switch off? It’s not an easy thing to do in your line of business. Don’t tell us how much time you spend at the screen! Maybe it’s not as much as we think, as we’re pretty sure you are super across the whole social media shebang, and have developed the necessary skills to manage your time much better than we have!

HANNAH – I never used to be, but am now very strict with working hours, as well as where I work. I think anyone who works at home and spends a lot of time on social media will understand the lines can often get blurred between personal and work. My wind-down techniques are exercise and cooking. I love finishing my day going for a walk to the waterfront, or moving in some way – and then returning home to cook, which is very relaxing for me.

MSCL – On your travel wish list? Favourite place in the world? And person you would most like to meet?

HANNAH – Positano is my dream. Don’t get me started. But my favourite place is anywhere where my family is.

I have an unhealthy obsession with Oprah haha! I’d love to meet her.

MSCL – Well, yes, we agree with you on that score – Oprah is epic! A one-off. A story of remarkable spirit, drive and love and compassion for all people. Hard to believe her success when you know her background. Just incredible. Sing out when that pow-wow is imminent, as we’d love to come with you!

Oh, and before we let you go about your business, Hannah – What are your thoughts on the blog? Not our blog, of course – just ‘the blog’?

HANNAH – Ahh blogs. I love them! I love reading them, writing them, and teaching my clients how important it is to have one if they are to connect with their audience.

MSCL – Thank you so much, Hannah, for your time and your invaluable insights into a medium that has sucked us into its vortex, and one that we are having quite a bit of fun with, truth be told. So much to learn…

And in closing – We noticed a book in passing – new stock in our wonderful Torquay Bookshop – How to Break Up with Your Phone by Catherine Price. Regrettably, we couldn’t muster the gumption to buy it…not just yet.

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