Strumpet – Torquay

STRUMPET – 1 Gilbert Street – TORQUAY

Hooray for everything at Strumpet Torquay! If you’ve found yourself on the Surf Coast without beach bag and kit, Strumpet’s got your back. Beach, BBQ to best. A one-stop wonderment of casual and comfy holiday gear, evening and after-dark prettiness, and all the extraneous and fun stuff to jazz it up.  Stunning array of Camilla kaftans; great mix of LTB jeans; Maison Scotch tees and shirts; Free the People and Kalypso. There’s more to Strumpet, Torquay, than the pretty window dressing, which is always an enticement to enter for ‘just a quick look’. But that ‘quick look’ is never that.

You’ll find a great variety of sunnies, shoes and sandals, swimwear, homewares, gifts, bags, hats and exotic accessories. And if you’re on the hunt for something warm to throw on in summer – and vice versa in winter – Strumpet covers the ‘four seasons in one day’ thing better than anyone. There’s always an alternate season rack offering an extensive assortment of ‘opposite to what you thought it was going to be’ weather attire.

Gift shopping at Strumpet always ends well. Love the no-fuss, no-hurry, just-right Surf Coast feel about all of it in here. Hooray for everything at Strumpet indeed! Staff do it right, here too. You won’t be hassled unless you ask for it. Genuinely helpful, bright and fun team. They appear to know everything about everything about the ‘hood too, so don’t be shy, and sound them out.

Strumpet’s Surf Coast-close stores are Geelong, Barwon Heads and Ocean Grove.

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