The Farmer’s Place – Freshwater Creek

The Farmer’s Place – 675 Anglesea Road – FRESHWATER CREEK

The Farmer’s Place, Freshwater Creek, is a 12-minute drive from Torquay.

Oh my goodny! I’ve finally found somewhere that doesn’t serve smashed avocado and goat’s cheese for breakfast. Not that I don’t love it, but, you know…

We did lunch, but I’m ready for a rebound to do breakfast, if only to try the warmed crêpes with stewed apple, butterscotch sauce and double cream.

Lunch was shared wood-fired house-cured salmon and house-grown fennel pizza, and wild and cultivated mushroom bruschetta, roasted pumpkin and house ricotta, spinach and vinaigrette. Don’t start me! Just heavenly – everything. And every single thing here is fresh, fresh, Freshwater Creek fresh. The potager gardens are testament to this. Someone’s got it big-time wrong, because I think The Farmer’s Place may just be the real-deal, honest-to-goodness Fresh Food People.

The Farmer’s Place is a consolidated farm-to-plate affair for local farmers and producers of fine artisan condiments and delicacies. You’ll find Timboon ice-cream here for afters, along with the perfect children’s menu. There’s a specials board, as being seasonal, things change depending on the time of year. The cauliflower and fennel soup looked divine, but that’s for another time. We took home the most amazing – and never seen before anywhere – little handmade shortbreads topped with berry coulis.

Check out the Lorne Design bits and bobs. Love The Great Ocean Road coasters and mugs.

Thursdays at 9:30am there’s Story Time for little ones. The focus is on the environment, and there’s some Farmer in the Dell singing and dancing and other fun farming-centric activities. There’s a digger in the fabulous room-for-a-crowd sandpit, goats, chickens and alpacas – fenced in, but littlies can feed the pet goats through the wire. The children’s indoor playroom is a winner here, too. And plenty of wide-open space for little farmers to go hog wild.

These guys hold a farmers market, too, last Sunday of every month 9:00am–1:00pm. I’m on my way to that one, so I’ll keep you posted.

The Farmer’s Place is just farmtabulous!

The Farmer’s Place

Stop by Freshwater Creek Cakes on the way home. The passionfruit sponge and vanilla slice are the stuff of local legend here on the Surf Coast.

Freshwater Creek Cakes

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