The Paddock Cafe – Wallington

The Paddock Cafe – 420A, Wallington Road – WALLINGTON

What’s on in Wallington…?

‘Abandon your posts! The beacons are lit!’ – Lord of the Rings

The Paddock Cafe is something else, and seriously warrants a check-in. And no two ways about it, you’re in for a BIG surprise on the cafe front. The Paddock is certainly no ordinary cafe experience.

My Surf Coast Life and favourite allies made the journey to Wallington this week, to taste test The Paddock Cafe. After weeks of drooling over The Paddock’s Instagram feed and Facebook posts, no longer is the magical mystery tour to Wallington – well, a mystery…

‘And just where the Wally is Wallington?’ was the stopgap that preempted this long-awaited sojourn. Turns out Wallington’s right on the Surf Coast beat, and easy as anything to find – a cruisy 11 minutes from Ocean Grove, 12 minutes from Barwon Heads, and a lazy 25 minutes from Torquay.

Coffee arrived with a cheery smattering of M&Ms in the saucer. Had us at ‘Hello’…

We’ve been spruiking the vegan congee with house-made kimchi, and zucchini and haloumi fritters with beetroot relish and sour cream, topped with a Wes poached egg and a sprinkling of black sesame seeds on a bed of rocket dressed in balsamic glaze, ever since our visit. The kimchi is hands-down THE BEST EVER. This signature Paddock Cafe concoction is a three-week labour of love, and warrants a 41-gun salute.

Fingers crossed this insanely scrumptious congee is never ever scrapped. It’s just brilliant. The Paddock Cafe is the only Surf Coast-Bellarine Peninsula and ‘round-these-parts eatery My Surf Coast Life has come across that offers the real-deal authentic congee on its menu.

And it gets even better. We’re no quitters when it comes to absolutely smashing food. And no point leaving before finishing what we’d started. We needed no encouragement to order one apiece of the beetroot and dark chocolate, and carrot, date and walnut cakes to go. Both delectable; but the beetroot and dark chocolate is something from a wily wizard’s recipe book – Gandolf’s, for sure.

Love the whole package at The Paddock – indoor, outdoor fresh-air and breezy; in the shade or in the sunshine. And there’s a little play area for the tiny people, too.

Food somehow tastes just far-out fabulous in Wallington. A genuine and authentic paddock-to-plate experience. The Paddock Cafe crew know exactly what’s what when it comes to innovative and creative mastery in the kitchen.

The Paddock is licensed, and has many star-quality local elixirs – sparkling, ciders and ales – on the vino list. The coffee’s top-shelf here, too, as is the service. The Paddock team’s passion for what they do is evident in everything that’s going on front and back of house. The proof’s in the pudding…

Wallington’s The Paddock Cafe’s a sure-fire keeper.

The Paddock Cafe Wallington

  • mysurfadmin
    Posted at 07:12h, 23 February Reply

    Thanks, Pierre. Super stuff indeed! Surf Coast magic everywhere…

  • Pierre
    Posted at 06:40h, 23 February Reply

    Thanks for yet again another hot tip on Australia’s best stretch of country and surf Guru Surf Coast! Accounting for everything. We didn’t hesitate to stop by and stay for a little longer. The cafe is everything blogged about, and everything superb…Get around it, I say!

    Awaiting the next gem patiently.

    Super stuff

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