Torquay Toys – Gilbert Street – Torquay

TORQUAY TOYS – 1A/9 Gilbert Street – TORQUAY

Fun and games…

Zero to 100-plus playtime frenzy, toy, puzzle and entertainment bonanza at Torquay Toys.

Eco is pretty much the numero uno buzz about the Surf Coast, and the concept features big time at Torquay Toys, too. You’ll find lots of beautiful wooden play things for babies and toddlers. Having said that, I gave one lucky grown-up family member a wooden docking crane thingamabob for his birthday not too long ago. And it was a mighty big hit, just quietly. It’s a boy construction thing, I’m thinking, but hit the nail on the head…

Age is of no relevance in this beautiful little shop. But it’s not that little, actually, come to think of it. There are some rare specimens to be uncovered among the usual suspects in the board game department – solitaire, backgammon, Scrabble, and a happy collection of the old-time family favourites. Stock is plentiful and really, really well presented and positioned.

If jigsaw puzzling is what you’re into, look no further. There are some quirky customers stacked up high, waiting to be cracked. Some more challenging than others, and lots of really beautiful arty ones. More wooden jigsaws for the littler ones.

Lots of glitter, glue and crafty play packs in the mix. Painting and drawing utensil and equipment supply is limitless.

You’ve hit on the best place on the Surf Coast for dress-ups and all things party and special occasion related. Schleich action figures and dinosaurs are in plentiful supply, too.

Baby gift shopping is done and dusted in here. I’m always distracted by something or other I’ve never seen before and never knew existed. The wooden domestic goddess copy kitchen, white goods and appliance make-believe stuff is beyond cute. Local mixes it well with European brands.

Indoor and outdoor play things too many to list. Great kite collection. There’s an extremely friendly looking menagerie of soft, cuddly things waiting to be whisked off to their forever homes. Lots of crazy little bits and pieces, and giggly, fun stuff. The budding mad scientist won’t be disappointed either. Kits of every kind of work-it-out, build-it-yourself gadgetry under the sun, moon and stars await discovery.

The more serious educational bits, and model kits, have been expertly sourced at Torquay Toys. One of my favourite card supply stockists. And these lovely people always offer to gift wrap, and certainly know what’s what and walk the talk when it comes to toys and kids – no matter what age.

Torquay Toys

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